What is the Pet Policy at IMFC?

At Indian Mound Fish Camp, we are a PET friendly campground. We also have a dog park that is fenced in – right outside of the the Campground property. Ask the staff in the office for the location! We expect guests to follow the following Guidelines:

Pets must be on a leash at all times!
No more than 2 animals permitted per site!
Must be Attended at all times!
Must be cleaned up after immediately!
No Aggressive Breeds or Mixes with the following: Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans!
Pets cannot be tied up to outside

Pets/Animal POLICY 

If your pet/animal is approved and registered with the RV Park it may remain but Guest is responsible for their behavior, waste, and noise level. Guest agrees to clean up after his or her pet/animal and to be considerate of other RV park guests.  

Guest is liable for any damage or injury caused by his or her pet/animal. An unregistered pet/animal is grounds for immediate removal of the animal if it cannot be approved in accord with RV Parks terms for pets/animals. This may include departure of guest in some cases.  

PETS: Pets not registered with your RV are PROHIBITED. Proof of current vaccinations may be requested. No aggressive dogs, Pit bulls, etc. permitted. Barking dogs must be kept inside.  

ALL Pets MUST be on a leash and cleaned up after, ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE. Exception: no leash needed in Pet Park. Owners of loose or annoying pets are in breach of their agreement and will lose their pet privilege or must vacate. No outside kennels or tie lines.’